Radiology Cloud Storage

Cloud radiology image storage and sharing platform.
Our Radiology lmage exchange service makes it easy to access and share complex medical images and reports. The service enables you or your doctors to quickly and securely acquire, manage, and distribute imaging data from any computer or mobile device. You can archive the studies for 7 years. Utilizing cloud to store and transfer images eliminates cumbersome CDs/DVDs, which reduces costs, encourages the exchange of information and can help eliminate errors or get to diagnosis faster. This service is also important because you can benefit from a decrease in unnecessary duplicate radiation procedures. Your doctors will benefit, as they can view images and deliver consultations anytime and anywhere.

Your radiology images are now always with you!

Main Features

  • Online radiology archive which images stored on the cloud for 7 years (or until age 21 for children)
  • Cloud-based sharing technology which enables to share radiology images 24/7/365 with anyone by simply typing an email address
  • Ability to view radiology images from any computer or mobile device 24/7/365
  • Disaster Recovery and 24/7/365 support
  • This service is absolutely FREE with your radiology¬†consensus medicine¬†order
  • Please inquire about discount pricing if you need to upload many studies